Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  by N.K. Jain
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   ISBN 81-85731-25-X; 2nd Ed. 2005, Rpt 2018; pp.viii+344

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 About The Book  

The first edition of Pharmaceutical Microbiology printed in 2001 was reprinted in the years 2003 and 2004. It is indicative of the gaining popularity of this book amongst the students and teachers. The science of microbiology is progressing at a rapid pace. However, the book substantially covers the syllabi in microbiology prescribed by most of the Indian universities.

    The second edition of this book has been revised and updated keeping in view the reviews and the feedback from the readers without overloading the subject matter. In particular, the chapter on Industrial Microbiology has been thoroughly expanded. I earnestly hope that the revised edition would impart sound knowledge to the students and meet their needs.


1. History of Microbiology
2. Microbial World
3. Microbial Methods
4. Bacteria
5. Fungi
6. Viruses
7. Microbial Metabolism
8. Sterilization
9. Disinfection
10. Infection
11. Immunology
12. Immunization
13. Industrial Microbiology
14. Microbial Transformations
15. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
16. Biotechnology Drugs
17. Microbiological Assays
    APPENDIX-I Revision Questions
    APPENDIX-II Glossary
    APPENDIX-III Supplementary Readings