Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  by N.K. Jain
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   ISBN 978-93-85529-23-8; 3rd Ed. 2019, Rpt. 2021; pp.viii+488

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 About The Book  

The third edition of this book has been thoroughly revised and updated keeping pace with the current PCI syllabus by providing the modern concepts. Five new chapters on “Microbial Genetics”, “Infectious Diseases”, “Food Spoilage and Preservation”, “Microbial Spoilage, Contamination and Preservation”, and “Sewage Disposal” have been added. All other chapters have been thoroughly revised.

    The earlier second edition of this book was revised in 2005 wherein the chapter on Industrial Microbiology was thoroughly expanded. The first edition was printed in 2001.

    It is indicative of the gaining popularity of this book amongst the students and teachers.


 1. History of Microbiology
 2. Microbial World
 3. Microbial Methods
 4. Bacteria
 5. Fungi
 6. Viruses
 7. Microbial Metabolism
 8. Microbial Genetics
 9. Microbial Transformations
10. Sterilization
11. Disinfection
12. Infection
13. Infectious Diseases
14. Immunology
15. Immunization
16. Industrial Microbiology
17. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
18. Biotechnology Drugs
19. Microbiological Assays
20. Food Spoilage and Preservation
21. Microbial Spoilage, Contamination and Preservation
22. Sewage Disposal
    APPENDIX Revision Questions