Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Fundamentals and Applications
  by S.S. Kori & M.A. Halkai
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   ISBN 978-93-85529-07-8; 3rd Ed. 2016, Rpt 2024; pp.viii+544

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 About The Book  

Advances in molecular biology and engineering sciences have introduced novel and new frontiers in health care. The science of biotechnology has immensely contributed in the production of pharmaceuticals for prophylactic, therapeutic, clinical analysis and diagnostic purposes.

    Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field. The subject is organised matter into four Sections in terms of the most commonly practised industrial uses of microorganisms emphasizing the topics on genetic engineering, industrial fermentation, enzyme technology and plant biotechnology with an integrated approach as a coherent whole. All sections have been revised and regrouped according to their applications to meet the curricula of Biotechnology. In general, this book covers the adequate details of newer techniques of cellular and molecular biology and of industrial microbiology that have led to a greater understanding the mechanisms in the production of pharmaceuticals. The coverage is concise yet comprehensive, and highlights those aspects which impinge upon the pharmaceutical industry.
    Coverage on basic principles of molecular biology is expanded. There is additional information on proteins used as drugs and diagnostics. Discussion on Gene Therapy, Genetic Engineering and Expression of target proteins including applications of methods together with the principle of molecular targetted medicine is added. Current FDA requirements on biotechnology products are covered.
    It is updateed regarding application of biotechnology, design and operation of industrial fermentors, importance of monoclonal antibodies currently in use and application of animal cell culture.
    Expression systems for r-DNA biological products, tissue plasminogen activator, plant and plant cell culture, animals and mammalian cell culture, optimization of fermentation parameters, downstream processing etc. are emphasised. Information on representative descriptions of use of mabs, improved diagnostic reagents, tumour immune therapy, as modulators of biological activity, has been incorporated.



section I : Recombinant DNA and Genetic Engg.


     1.   Scope and Application of Biotechnology

     2.   Biological Genetics including Variation in Characters of Microbes

     3.   Recombinant-DNA Technology (Gene Cloning Techniques)

     4.   Basic Techniques in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Health Care

     5.   Application of Recombinant DNA Technology in the Production of Pharmaceuticals

     6.   Animal Cell, Tissue Culture and Hybridoma Technology                       

     7.   Regulatory Requirements and Quality Control Systems for rDNA Products, Patents and Marketing


section II : Fermentation Technology


     8.   Microbial Products

     9.   Genetic Improvement (Development) of Industrial Strains and Principles of Growth and Culture Systems

  10.   Design & Operation of Industrial Fermenters

  11.   Production of Microbial Metabolites of Pharma-ceutical and Chemical Importance by Fermentation

  12.   Microbiological Transformations


section III : Enzyme Technology


  13.   Enzymes (The Biological Principles) and Uses (Appilcations) of Enzymes

  14.   Enzyme Production by Fermentation

  15.   Enzyme Immobilization and Applications for Immobilized Enzymes


section IV : Plant Biotechnology


  16.   Enzyme Immobilization and Applications for Immobilized Enzymes

  17.   Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

  18.   Protoplast Fusion and Somatic Hybridization

  19.   Production of Natural Products by Plant Cell Culture

  20.   Immobilization of Plant Cells

  21.   Gene Transfer in Plants (in vitro) (Genetic Engineering of Plants)


           appendix I : Glossary

           appendix II                                                          : Reference Literature