Drug Store And Business Management
  by R.M. Mehta
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   ISBN 978-93-85529-02-3; 6th Ed. 2015, Rpt 2021; pp.viii+264

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 About The Book  

   The salient features of the book are—
      (i) The subject matter is covered strictly in conformity with the prescribed syllabus for this course.
      (ii) The language is simple and lucid for easy grasp and comprehension by the students having no previous knowledge of
            Commerce and Accountancy.
      (iii) Revision Questions are added at the end of each chapter.
      (iv) Glossary of important terms is given in the appendix.



1. Introduction
2. Forms of Business Organisations
3. Channels of Distribution
4. Drug House Management
5. Inventory Control
6. Sales Promotion
7. Recruitment, Training, Evaluation and Compensation to a Pharmacist
8. Banking and Finance


9. Introduction To Accounting
10. Accounting Concepts and Conventions
11. Recording of the Transactions
12. Trial Balance
13. Financial Statements
14. Budgeting

APPENDIX-I — Definitions of Important Terms
APPENDIX-II — Formats of Sale Licences
APPENDIX-III — Format of Supply Order
APPENDIX-IV — Recommended Readings