Concise Textbook of Human Anatomy And Physiology
  by Dastapur Ashok Kumar
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   ISBN 978-93-85529-42-9; 1st Ed. 2021; pp.viii+344

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 About The Book  

This is an introductory about Anatomy and Physiology for undergraduate students pursuing D.Pharm and Pharm.D courses in pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Sciences. Clinical connections that help the reader to understand the relevance of anatomical structures and functions alongside related illustrations. The difficult concepts have been simplified, terminology clearly explained with added valuable diagrams. The coverage is concise yet comprehensive.



 Unit  1 Introduction to Human Body

 Unit  2 Integumentary System

 Unit  3 Body Fluids, Blood And Lymphatic System

 Unit  4 Cardiovascular System

 Unit  5 Endocrine System

 Unit  6 Reproductive System

 Unit  7 Family Plannning

 Unit  8 Digestive System

 Unit  9 Excretory System

 Unit 10 Nervous System

 Unit 11 Respiratory System

 Unit 12 Special Senses