IPRs and Pharmaceuticals
  by Abhinav Agrawal
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   ISBN 978-81-85731-59-9; First Edition 2011; pp. viii+152;

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 About The Book  

A Book on Intellectual property rights (IPRs), primarily oriented towards pharmaceuticals, for PG students and researchers to help them understand the laws, practicalities e.g. commercialization, International systems and useful resources regarding patents and other IPRs.


1. Intellectual Property Rights
Types of IPRs
Benefits from the protection of IPRs
IPR related treaties and international agreements

2. Introduction to Patents
Benefits of patent system

3. Patent Laws
Criteria for the grant of patents
Claimable inventions
Non-patentable inventions
Types of patents
Patent procedure
Term of patents
Surrender of patents
Revocation of patents
Rights of patentee
Maintenance fees
Patent infringement
Exclusive marketing rights (EMRS)
Compulsory license

4. Commercialization of Patents
Factors affecting choice for patent protection
Commercialization of patents

5. International Systems for Patenting
International treaties and systems
World patent

6. Patents and Pharmaceuticals
Comparison of patents and regulatory
mechanisms in pharmaceutical trade
Criticism of patents
Asymmetrical view of patents between
developed and developing countries
Drug price competition and patent term
restoration act (Waxman-Hatch act)
Other forms of protections
Patents and the Indian pharmaceutical Industry

7. Other IPRs
Copyright related rights
Trademarks and domain names
Geographical indications and Appellations of origin
Industrial designs
Emerging issues in Intellectual property

1 Addresses of Intellectual property offices in India
2 Important websites
3 Details of fees payable and blank forms under the Indian Patents Act 1970 and its further amendments
4 Addresses and websites of organizations assisting in technology transfer
5 Technology offers
6 Variation in regulatory exclusivity periods amongst E.C. countries
7 Statistics on IPRs
8 Member nations of international bodies related to IPRs
 (a) Member nations of World Trade Organizations (WTO)
 (b) Members of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
 (c) Paris Convention Contracting Nations
 (d) Member nations of European Patent Convention (EPC)
 (e) Member nations of Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO)
 (f) Member nations of African Regional Industrial Property Organization (ARIPO)
 (g) Members of African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI)

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