Pharmaceutical Industrial Management
  by R.M. Mehta
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   ISBN 978-81-85731-62-9; 3rd Ed. 2011, Rpt 2022; pp.viii+368

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 About The Book  

The subject of Pharmaceutical Industrial Management has been included in the curriculum of B.Pharm. to accustom the students with management and accountancy.
This book has been written in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the All India Council for Technical Education. Revision questions are given at the end of each Chapter.
An attempt has been made to make the book as informative and exhaustive as possible within the constraints of time allotted to the subject.

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 1. Management
 2. Principles of Management
 3. Administrative Management
 4. Production Management
 5. Materials Management
 6. Personnel Management
 7. Pharmaceutical Marketing
 8. Channels of Distribution
 9. Salesmanship
10. Recruitment, Training, Evaluation and compensation
      to a Pharmacist
11. Accounting and its Principles
12. Recording of the Transactions
13. Trial Balance and Errors
14. Financial Statements
15. Bank Reconciliation Statement
16. Bills of Exchange
17. Treatment of cheques
18. Economics
19. Trade
20. Insurance
      APPENDIX : Recommended Readings