A Hand Book of Cosmetics
  by B.M. Mithal & R.N. Saha
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   ISBN 81-85731-22-5; 1st Ed 2000; Rpt 2023; pp. vi+258

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 About The Book  

In the last 20 years or so the use of cosmetics has been continuously increasing so much so that many colleges/universities have introduced courses in cosmetics. This book intends to provide a hand book on cosmetics which may be introduced in colleges.
    The cosmetic products are classified and arranged according to their site of application and function. Though a general manufacturing procedure is given but for special type of products, specific and separate procedure is also given. Basic aspects of quality control and evaluation of products are also mentioned in each chapter.


  1. Cosmetics—An Introduction

  2. The Skin

  3. Powders and Compacts

  4. Skin Colorants

  5. Skin Creams

  6. Sunscreen Preparations

  7. Hair

  8. Hair Cleansing Preparations

  9. Hair Tonics

10. Hair Colorants

11. Hair Grooming Aids

12. Hair Wavers, Curlers and Straighteners

13. Hair Removers

14. Shaving Preparations