Dispensing Pharmacy
  by R.M. Mehta
About The Book
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   ISBN 978-81-85731-72-8; 4th Ed. 2012, Rpt 2023; pp viii+384

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 About The Book  

The salient features of the present book are—
   (a) Language and style has been kept lucid and simple for easy grasp of subject matter.
   (b) Required details are provided wherever necessary.
   (c) Diagrams are neatly drawn and illustrated for better understanding of the subject matter.
   (d) Exhaustive revision questions have been given at the end of each chapter so that students can test the comprehension
        of the subject themselves.

    The subject matter particularly in the Chapters on prescription, pharmaceutical calculations, monophasic liquid and semisolid dosage
    forms have been updated


  1. Definition and Scope of Pharmacy

  2. Prescription

  3. General Dispensing Procedures and Labelling

  4. Containers and Closures for Dispensed Products

  5. Posology

  6. Pharmaceutical Calculations

  7. Solid Dosage Forms

  8. Monophasic Liquid Dosage Forms

  9. Biphasic Liquid Dosage Form—Suspensions

10. Biphasic Liquid Dosage Form—Emulsions

11. Semisolid Dosage Forms—Ointments, Pastes, Jellies and Creams

12. Semisolid Dosage Forms—Suppositories and Pessaries

13. Ophthalmic Products

14. Sterile Dosage Forms

15. Incompatibilities in Prescriptions

16. Additives used in Dispensed Products

APPENDIX I : Human Doses of Drugs,
                    Their Route of Administration and Uses

APPENDIX II : Veterinary Doses of Drugs,
                     Their Route of Administration and Uses

APPENDIX III : Recommended Readings