Controlled Drug Delivery — Concepts and Advances
  by S.P. Vyas & R.K. Khar
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   ISBN 978-81-85731-74-2; 2nd Edition 2012, Rpt; pp. viii+664;

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 About The Book  

Controlled Drug Delivery—Concepts and Advances is a unique resource book. The conceptual understanding of controlled drug delivery through formulation, characterization, application and its future prospective has been presented explicitly with the help of 1725 basic references, 410 diagrams and schematics. It provides an up to date and comprehensive coverage of topics, which deal with an algorithm of delivery systems. It would serve as an advanced text and a reference book to the undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers and research professionals. It is the first Indian book on the subject matter written by professors of vast and varied teaching and research experience. Three new chapters Microencapsulation, Buccal and Intraperitonial Drug Delivery Systems, Intrauterine and Intravaginal Drug Delivery are added..


  1. Essentials of Controlled Drug Delivery

  2. Phamacokinetic Basis of Controlled Drug Delivery

  3. Biodegradable and Bioinspired Polymers

  4. Controlled Oral Administration

  5. Gastroretentive Systems

  6. Systems for Colon Specific Delivery

  7. Bioadhesive and Mucoadhesive Systems

  8. Nasopulmonary Drug Delivery

  9. Ocular Drug Delivery

10. Transdermal Drug Delivery

11. Implants and Inserts

12. Osmotically Regulated Systems

13. Proteins and Peptides Delivery Considerations

14. Oral Mucosal Immunization

15. Microencapsulation

16. Buccal and Intraperitonial Drug Delivery Systems

17. Intrauterine and Intravaginal Drug Delivery