H/b of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
  by S.P. Vyas, A.K. Goyal & G. Rath
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   ISBN 978-81-85731-66-7; 1st ED 2011; pp. viii+544;

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 About The Book  

Handbook of pharmaceutical dosage forms is a unique compilation of basic information on pharmaceutical dosage forms, cosmetic technology and formulation aspects of biopharmaceuticals in a relatively simple, but in a practical manner. This book starts with a brief overview on the timeline evolution of pharmacy followed by a comprehensive description on the pharmacopoeia, scope in pharmacy, design and development of pharmaceutical dosage forms, pharmaceutical aspects of protein and peptide delivery, allergen and cosmetology. The text book aims to ease the perceived difficulties of this subject through schematic presentations and key points illustrate the manufacturing steps involved in the formulation design and evaluation of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. It is written according to the syllabus in the subject of pharmaceutical technology at undergraduate level, implemented in most of the Indian universities.


  1. History and Scope

  2. Introduction to Different Dosage Forms

  3. Oral Solid Dosage Forms

  4. Liquid Dosage Forms

  5. Semisolid Dosage Forms

  6. Vaccines and its Preparation

  7. Protein Pharmaceuticals

  8. Allergens and Allergenic Extracts

  9. Pharmaceutical Excipients

10. Introduction to Cosmetics